C.S.C. History (2014-16)

Our History (2014-16) Recollections by Hazel Lung

 In 2013 Ricky Parlett was elected president and Dot remained as Secretary. After several months Ricky choose to resign as President and the committee elected Steve Parker as  president to finish the term. When Steve Parker became President (early 2014) Dot was again elected to the role of Secretary and they added many things to the running of the centre.  Name tags were created, membership cards and lots of activities which did require a great deal of work.  I had begun a little email newsletter and handed it over to Dot who turned it into something great that kept members informed of the many activities for the coming week.  She also created a monthly newsletter giving the Centre activities for the month, news and a Presidents message. The web page began to attract visitors to Cairns as well as newcomers looking for a spiritual outlet.  So many people have passed through the doors, it makes my head spin thinking about them and trying to remember all their names.  One name I have not mentioned so far is Joe Patane. He has been the backbone of the centre for some years now, helping with maintenance and with transport in his trusty red ute as well as doing healings and readings. Although the Cairns Spiritual Centre had a presence at events like The Tanks Markets annual Mind Body and Soul festival it was not until 2014 that we began to organise healers and readers of our own.  This day so far has been a  tremendous success due to the generosity of our lovely volunteers.  Because of Dot and other volunteers the Centre also has had a presence at the Palm Cove event as well as Yungaburra too. Getting the message out there is one way to ensure that the Centre lives on. The centre hire began to increase too with regular events run by other people.  Malcolm Bell also began coming down from the tablelands on a Monday to run healing and channelling evenings. He did this at his own expense and any proceeds went directly to the Centre. Eventually that grew so big that he reduced his time to every fortnight to run the healing tuition and practice whilst Steve Parker took over the running of the channelling evenings. Malcolm had a couple of car accidents whilst driving in the big city and he decided his days of running up and down the hill should come to an end in 2016. His presence is still felt at the centre and centre members go to his channelling sessions now held up on the tablelands. On 21 February 2015 the Centre held an open day.  The day was very successful and received some great publicity from the Cairns Post. Again, it was the volunteers who made this day a success and introduced our services to the general public. As well as spiritual events and new age skills, the Centre became a place of social activity too. Throughout the years friendships had always formed and good time had by all but now there seemed a need for organised events. Enter Pam Burns in about 2015 to organise us and find things to amuse and places where we could play. Pam is also our Laundry Queen at the time of writing, she takes care of all the healing room linen and the towels. The centre ran another open day in August 2016 and this was also a success as it attracted a lot of new people to the centre. At the 2015 AGM the members voted to change the logo of the centre which had morphed into the use of Tasham on everything, including the web page. It was felt we needed something that “did not look like a buddhist monk” and I was very against changing the logo from Tasham to something else. The logo was on the agenda all year with members submitting drawings and designs but in the end it was moi who created the one they chose as being the most suitable. I think I was sick of the logo being on the agenda each month so I solved it one way or another. We can still use Tasham, he is our monk after all. It takes many people to make a centre like this one, our overseas visitors say it is unique and they wish they had something similar.  Hopefully one day they will.

Welcome To The Centre

Thursday Mentoring Nights

Upcoming Thursday mentoring nights for the month.  Come along and join in the fun with these upcoming events.

1.4 Journey Series of the Elements – Earth with Brad and Caroline

8.4 Discussing Mediumship with Shani McKeown

15.4 Numerology with John Bright

22.4 Kiniesiology with Hazel Leung

29.4 Meditation with Richard Stoyle

Hire the Centre to Run your Group

Hire the centre to run your group or event or to see clients individually. We have vacancies on most days

Half day ( 8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)  $40

Full day 8am to 6pm  $70

Evenings from 6.00pm – 9pm $30

Call to Book 0421 553 118

Tuesday Nights / Healing-Readings

Our valued volunteers run a Tuesday night Healing and Reading night from 6.30pm till 8.00pm. Cost is only $10 and includes a healing or reading. Everyone is welcome at these friendly and informal evenings.

Open Wednesday & Saturday

Come and join our friendly Volunteers at the Centre and help others.