C.S.C. History (1995-2010)

Our History (1995-2010)

(1995 – 2010). THE LITTLE AND GREENSLOPES STREET DAYS. The Cairns Spiritual Group moved from 129 Mulgrave Road to the Cootharinga Society Building on the corner of Little and Greenslopes streets around 1995. For 15 years the Group continued its operations with monthly talks, meditations and healings and was available for hire to people running workshops, yoga and other spiritually oriented events.  The Centre grew quite strong and with the extra space it seems to attract more and more people.  I do recall that a spiritual service was held on Sunday evenings, although this was a private event many Spiritual Group members attended. The magazine grew too and we had a team of workers putting it all together.  As with all organisations people came and went and eventually there were insufficient volunteers to produce the magazine  so it was abandoned in 2003.  It was a great source of income for the Spiritual Group as well as a great source of information for readers and healers.  Those years were very active as we were introduced to all kinds of modalities previously unheard of. The demise of the Cairns Spiritual Group Magazine left a short void in the spiritual and new age world until February 2004 when Cairns Connect was born. This new magazine was a private, not for profit enterprise and the Cairns Spiritual Group has had a happy association with it since its inception. The Cairns Spiritual Group did shrink a little as time went by and people moved on so instead of using the large main hall at Little Street they were using the smaller section out the back as well as the verandah.  I remember those days, sometimes we would get too many people and they would be pouring out of the centre but the rent was somewhat cheaper and as the magazine was no longer generating an income the move was necessary. I remember some old faces from those days too, Deborah White, Michelle Freele, Cheryl Davies, Despina Mappas, Annette Angel, Jack Bright just to name a few.  I recall Jack Bright was a treasurer at one stage and Robert King President. We used to go to lunch most Wednesdays and often to the Freshwater Delicatessen. Eventually the building was set for redevelopment and so The Cairns Spiritual Group had to look for new premises.  This was not an easy task as they, as far as I recall, were not incorporated and were now faced with paying full commercial rates for rental.  Deborah White was president at the time, Michelle Freele the vice president and it was she who set about the task of finding just the right place.  Prior to this there was a need for incorporation and as it was Jack Bright’s signature on the original documents it is assumed that he initiated the legal process whereby The Cairns Spiritual Group officially became The Cairns Spiritual Centre Inc.

Welcome To The Centre

Thursday Mentoring Nights

Upcoming Thursday mentoring nights for this month.  Come along and join in the fun with these inspiring events.

6.5 Fun with Tea Leaf Reading with Coralie Watson

13.5 Breath work and Well Point Hypnosis with Kiah Williams

20.5 Exploring the Clare Senses with Shani McKeown

27.5 Colour Therapy with Doug Ward


Hire the Centre to Run your Group

Hire the centre to run your group or event or to see clients individually. We have vacancies on most days

Half day ( 8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)  $40

Full day 8am to 6pm  $70

Evenings from 6.00pm – 9pm $30

Call to Book 0421 553 118

Tuesday Nights / Healing-Readings

Our valued volunteers run a Tuesday night Healing and Reading night from 6.30pm till 8.00pm. Cost is only $10 and includes a healing or reading. Everyone is welcome at these friendly and informal evenings.

Open Wednesday & Saturday

Come and join our friendly Volunteers at the Centre and help others.