C.S.C. History (1993-95)

Our History (1993-95) Recollections by Hazel Leung

 (1993- 1995). I first attended the Cairns Spiritual Group some time in 1992 when it was situated at 129 Mulgrave Road. I had moved to Cairns in 1989 and became very interested in all things new age. I was studying astrology and feeling quite psychic so I went looking for more. I attended all sorts of things at the centre, monthly talks and Wednesday healings. Loved the magazine, it opened up the district to spiritual things and when I began to practice astrology  I put an advertisement for my services in it. That would not have been until about 1993 or 1994. I remember popping in and out over the years and seeing different people involved in the healings as well as the running of the centre.  Lois comes to mind as well as Helga. Gail used to sit in the office and I would come in and chat when I paid for my advert.  Someone always talked me into renewing my membership and I read the magazine every month. I remember we used to pay $2.00 for a healing and put our names in the book and someone would come and get us. Mostly it was reiki as reiki was very popular back then and I always felt so peaceful and serene afterwards. I remember attending a few workshops at the centre but not until it had moved to The Cootharinga Society building in Little Street in 1995. I did a Grandfather Morning Owl (James Barnett) workshop with an associate of his called Joy Robinson, that would have been in 1996 I think. Grandfather Morning Owl came over from the USA a few times to run workshops. Some things I learned back then I still use today. Also at that workshop was our dear old friend Roselle. She used to work at a new age shop I think it was called Starworks in Sheridan Street as a fairy godmother for children’s parties. She turned up to the course late one day covered in sparkles and from that day on I always called her Fairy Godmother.  Roselle was a member and attendee of the centre for many years and she always had some wonderful tales to tell. Giselle Bay-Jespersen (Dec’d) was also on that course, we had a good time and learned a lot. What a great service the centre has provided over the years and it still continues to do so. Many people healed and developed skills then went on to share with others. I also remember attending a monthly Public Lecture on Feng Shui which was packed to the rafters. When the seed was sown for the need for a group way back in October 1987 who knew where it would go from there. One thing is for sure is that it opened the world of things spiritual in Cairns which has shifted and grown of its own accord since.

Tasham (Our Centres Guide). In 1993 Marian Ruffin channelled a spiritual guide for the group.  His name was Tasham and she did a wonderful drawing of him which still hangs in the centre today (2016)

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1.4 Journey Series of the Elements – Earth with Brad and Caroline

8.4 Discussing Mediumship with Shani McKeown

15.4 Numerology with John Bright

22.4 Kiniesiology with Hazel Leung

29.4 Meditation with Richard Stoyle

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