C.S.C. Healers, Reiki, Energy, Pranic, Others

Our Energy Healers/ Reiki/ Pranic/ Emotional Code

Connie Cook- Connie’s lovely Reiki Healings relax and soothe you. Her healings are professional and loving with profound care. Connie has been a favorite for many years at the centre.

Jack Bright- Jack is a Reiki Master and teaches Reiki 1,2 & 3 at the Centre. Jack also does Numerology Readings and has been associated with the Centre for many years. His other modalities include EMF, EFT, Chiron Healing &Energy Medicine.

Katie Palasin- Katie has been a valued & popular Energy Healer for many years around the Centre.

Coralie Watson- Coralie uses Reiki to heal and help clients. She is attuned to Reiki 1,2 & 3 and uses hands on healing with loving energy. She also teaches & reads Tea Leaves when she is available.

Robyn Bauer- Robyn is a natural Healer and is a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. Additional skills include Theta Healing, Reiki,Alpha Dyamics & Pendulum Chakra Balance. Robyn has been a helper at the Centre for many years.

Kayla Herity- Kayla runs our Monday night Twin Hearts Meditation. She is also a experienced Pranic and Energy Healer.

Jenny Swan- Jenny is a natural Healer and works through her modality Healing Touch. Jenny also does oneness blessings.

Nicole Thill-  Nicole has many modalities to use in her healings. Nicole is a Pellowah Healing Practitioner and teaches courses. The Pellowah helps with personal and spiritual growth. She also practises Reiki, Access Bars, Pendulums and Chakra Balance.

Keshna- Keshna practices many different healing modalities and is a great intuitve Tarot card reader as well.

John – Is a accomplished healer and practices Reiki and other forms of energy healing.

Christina- Christina helps out on the desk and helps with Reiki and other modalities.

Annette Angel – Annette has a Dip. of Counselling and is a practitioner of Reconnective Healing

Skye –  I started my own Whole Being Health business in 2017 called Well Within You.  I started in wholefood nutrition and from that I grew the business into other modalities such as Reiki and Transformational Energy Clearing, essential oils, Spiritual guidance through Intuitive card reading and a Woman’s Empowerment Mentoring service. All of these modalities combined can help people with their self healing journey and balance mind, body and spirit. I am excited to be at the Cairns Spiritual Centre every Tuesday night and a part of the amazing community of like minded people

Welcome To The Centre

Thursday Mentoring Nights

Upcoming Thursday mentoring nights for this month.  Come along and join in the fun with these inspiring events.

6.5 Fun with Tea Leaf Reading with Coralie Watson

13.5 Breath work and Well Point Hypnosis with Kiah Williams

20.5 Exploring the Clare Senses with Shani McKeown

27.5 Colour Therapy with Doug Ward


Hire the Centre to Run your Group

Hire the centre to run your group or event or to see clients individually. We have vacancies on most days

Half day ( 8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)  $40

Full day 8am to 6pm  $70

Evenings from 6.00pm – 9pm $30

Call to Book 0421 553 118

Tuesday Nights / Healing-Readings

Our valued volunteers run a Tuesday night Healing and Reading night from 6.30pm till 8.00pm. Cost is only $10 and includes a healing or reading. Everyone is welcome at these friendly and informal evenings.

Open Wednesday & Saturday

Come and join our friendly Volunteers at the Centre and help others.