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Crystal Energy Healing –

Crystal /Pranic / Reiki / Energy Healings.
Hi, I am Steve Spiritboy and I welcome a call from you. I work with different crystals and minerals and different modalities to realign your aura, energy centres or chakras. The crystals work on many levels and amplify the healing energy around you. Most people prefer the hour long healing session with soft uplifting music. But extended periods are available or they can be combined with a psychic reading. So come in and relax for an hour long crystal energy healing. See you soon.

Ring now for an appointment – Mob 0418 773 614
Phone and Skype Readings a specialty.
Cairns Spiritual Centre Members discount – $10.00 off retail prices for Personal Readings, Crystal Healings and Workshops.

Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique-

Step Into Healing
Specialising in the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, a gentle and powerful therapy for releasing trauma or negative memories, I bring to my healing practice a commitment to support each of my clients to self-empowerment and renewal. Your healing session with me may incorporate any or all of a range of healing modalities to provide a holistic experience entirely tailored to your needs using only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. There is no typical session – each session is different, and is strongly based on my intuitive guidance as well as my practitioner training to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your treatment.
In addition to being an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Practitioner, I am a Reiki and Theta Healing Practitioner, an Angel Intuitive, Chakra and Aura Therapist. I have undertaken training courses in Kinesiology, Aromatherapy and the Raindrop Technique, Emotional Intelligence and leadership and counseling and am a certified member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.
Heather Lee
0404 463 787

Emotion Code Healing –

The Emotion Code – Robyn Bauer – Certified Emotional Code Practitioner.
The Emotion Code can help you, your animals or  loved ones (with their permission)  reclaim your life, enjoy better health, and finally be free from those invisible forces that have been trapped within you all these years. Additional healing skills in Theta Healing, Reiki 1, Alpha Dynamics & Pendulum  Chakra Balancing. I Utilise these modalities as guided, through a power greater than oneself , to tap into the subconscious for the answers to release these negative trapped energies. In the same way that the effects of the wind are felt rather than seen, trapped emotions are invisible, yet can exert a powerful influence upon you.
Telephone; 074055 9226 or 0408 886 890

Energy Healing-

Total Energy Healing with Annette Ph : 0439 321 378 Email:
Energy healing and Card Reading is a passion with which I use Divine Intuition. Balancing and Alignment of your energy fields; is derived from a combination of Intuitive, Psychic and Channelled Energies and Modalities: Theta, Hands on Energy Healing Vortex, Munay Ki, Oneness Blessing Giver and Meditation Group Host, Chakra Balancing, Belief Patterns, Guided Meditations for relaxation. Releasing beliefs and blockages with your emotions, feelings, hurts and pain from your energy field, physical body, soul, ancestors and past lives.
Allow yourself to become the SUNSHINE and LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST. 

Dr Daniel Houtman, OMD – The Spirit Doctor For over 40 years I have been helping people world wide deal with their health and personal problems; travelling to such places as Africa, China, Japan, Canada, Central America, Indonesia, the Caribbean, USA and Australia meeting with, and working with, people of like minds. I have coupled my spiritual learnings with academic learnings. I have a Masters degree in Counselling and I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. I use energy or Qi to HELP change the lives of those in need of assistance. The Heart Energy Love Pulse is the Healing Energy used in this process. To make an appointment or for further information please contact me on 0439 891 109
Visit my website

Intuitive Healing. Psychic/Medium. Belief Awareness. Self Worth. Grief from Loss,Trauma/Phobias, Teenager Issues. NegativeAttachments. Home/Property Clearing.  Workshops & Retreats. Telephone Sessions. Home visits. For 20 years I have been working as a Psychic/Medium helping people with  belief awareness,  self -worth,  grief from loss, trauma/phobias, teenager issues and negative attachments. With this unique form of healing I work on all levels of the mental, emotional and physical by using a combination of Intuitive and Psychic Abilities, Kinesiology, Shiatsu Massage, NLP, TFT, Belief Systems, DNA, Mediumship.  My aim is to  help people to understand and heal themselves by accessing and understanding blockages from past and present experiences which are creating dis-ease of the body, mind and soul.

Telephone Cheryl Davies 0429 639 633

Heavenly Owls – Aquatic Zen Rooms
Relax in a cool open air sun room with flowing breezes and the sound of our tropical fish tanks to help balance your chakras and balance your bodies energies. Suzie primarily looks after cancer patients and is disability access friendly. Public transport access 1 min walk from Toogood Road.
Cancer patients discounts
Full moon discounts
53 Dandaloo Street, Bayview heights.
 Ph: ‭0402 079 265‬

Subconscious Ascension is an extremely powerful energy healing treatment, which has the potential to create huge changes in your life, raises your level of consciousness, re-files unpleasant memories (without forgetting anything), allows you to attract things into your life more quickly and easily, has a calming effect on the body/mind system, and, best of all, you don’t have to talk about anything. Conditioning from childhood, and life experiences from the past, may contribute to creating unfavourable patterns of behaviour, which continue to repeat themselves, until dealt with. The Subconscious Ascension session is approximately 3 hours duration, and attendees need to bring a mattress, pillow, blanket and drink/water bottle. For further information, contact Erica West: (07) 40977609

Pranic Healing-

Bruce Sexton – Pranic Healer

Bruce is a full-time Practitioner of Pranic Healing and Master Choa Kok Sui licenced instructor. Learn to safely and confidently work with energy for healing, longevity and rejuvenation. Pranic Healing clinics and Meditation evenings are offered every Monday and Wednesday nights at 6.30pm. A very effective way of cleansing the energy body and achieving illumination, peace and harmony in your life. Experience this powerful and effective healing modality and learn the keys to manifest the life of your dreams. Scientifically researched and actively practiced in over 80 countries, Pranic Healing is one of the fastest growing energy healing modalities on the planet! Register for a Pranic Healing consultation, Pranic Healing Course or Meditation on Twin Hearts evening

Ph: 0419 686 312

Reiki Healing-

Connie is a Reiki Master, Hello, my name is Connie Cook
I have been doing holistic healings since 2004. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher who is intuitively guided through feelings and sensations. This energy allows the body to release trapped emotions and physical blockages by vibrational movements. My treatments are nurturing and non-invasive, a deep sense of love and guidance from heaven above, while balancing the body and cleansing the Aura.
I am also a “Chakra Balance Massage” practitioner for Aura Soma – healing through colour and fragrance. I hold regular “Oneness Blessing Meditations” which facilitates the Divine Essence of the Supreme Light of Love.
Telephone 0400 732 330

Reiki Courses, Reiki Treatments, Retreat Days & Retreat Accommodation.
Julie teaches all levels of Traditional Japanese Reiki from Rainforest Reiki, Bayview Heights, Cairns. Reiki Treatments are available daily at a time convenient for you. Retreat Days combine reiki practice and also gentle yoga and accommodation is available for those who are visiting.
For bookings and information please visit the website or contact Julie T: 0438 537365
or email:

Thursday Mentoring Nights



Hire the Centre to Run your Group

Hire the centre to run your group or event or to see clients individually.

We have vacancies on most days

Half day ( 8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)  $40,

Full day 8am to 6pm  $70,

Evening from 6.30pm $30

Casual $15.00 per hour – perfect for seeing individual clients

Telephone: 0421 553 118 to Book

Tuesday Nights / Healing-Readings

Our valued volunteers Jack and Rodaan run a Tuesday night Healing and Reading nights from 6.30pm till 8.00pm. Cost is only $10 and includes a healing or reading. Everyone is welcome at these friendly and informal evenings.

Open Wednesday & Saturday

Come and join our friendly Volunteers at the Centre and help others.