Website Advertising

Advertise On Our Website & Lift Your Business Profile!

What you get:

  1. A Business Card size image with 120 words description of your business or services. Listed email, phone number and website.
  2. Our webpage is in a high profile position on most search engines.
  3. Our webpage consistently receives over 600+ hits a month.
  4. You get a link to your business website.
  5. Over 840+ people are on our subscribers list.
  6. Our 9 years of operation puts us high on search engines.
  7. We are listed highly in the Spiritual & Health searches in Cairns.

Terms And Conditions.

Advertising Services / Products on our Website:

Cost For advertising is $80 for one year or to save money $200 for one business for 3 Years advertising. Another option is $120 for two adverts for 12 months. You receive space for a business card or photo, a link to your own web-page and up to 120 words. All services must be paid for before putting them up.

Rules and Regulations for C.S.C. Multi-Media Website Advertising:

(All ADVERTISING AND HIRE is at the discretion of the C.S.C Management Committee)

Advertising in our newsletter, website and Facebook is for Cairns Spiritual Centre’s own activities and those that hire the Centre for half-day or more on the week of hire.

Committee to review all the above costs, rules and regulations as needed.

(Terms and conditions can be updated without notice.)


Welcome To The Centre

Thursday Mentoring Nights

Upcoming Thursday mentoring nights for the month.  Come along and join in the fun with these upcoming events.

1.4 Journey Series of the Elements – Earth with Brad and Caroline

8.4 Discussing Mediumship with Shani McKeown

15.4 Numerology with John Bright

22.4 Kiniesiology with Hazel Leung

29.4 Meditation with Richard Stoyle

Hire the Centre to Run your Group

Hire the centre to run your group or event or to see clients individually. We have vacancies on most days

Half day ( 8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm)  $40

Full day 8am to 6pm  $70

Evenings from 6.00pm – 9pm $30

Call to Book 0421 553 118

Tuesday Nights / Healing-Readings

Our valued volunteers run a Tuesday night Healing and Reading night from 6.30pm till 8.00pm. Cost is only $10 and includes a healing or reading. Everyone is welcome at these friendly and informal evenings.

Open Wednesday & Saturday

Come and join our friendly Volunteers at the Centre and help others.