Reiki and Energy Healings

Tarot Card Readings


Sai Vibrionics


Wednesdays - 9 am - 12.30 pm

$5.00 Entry includes: Meditation 9.30 to 10 am, Tea and Coffee
Healings and Readings $15.00
(approx. half an hour)


cairns spiritual centre inc.

Serving the Communitysince 1987

Volunteers Always Welcome

Shamanic Circle

Healing Touch



...... and more

Saturdays 10 am- 2 pm
$5.00 entry includes: Meditation from 12 to 12.30pm, Tea or Coffee
Healings and Readings $15.00
(approx. half an hour)

Telephone: 0421 553 118


1/194 Spence Street, Cairns (between Aumuller and Buchan Streets)
Premises and Rooms for Hire on a Permanent or Casual Basis
Healers, Readers, Health Practitioners
& Retail Products Directory
Healers, Readers, Health Practitioners & Retail Products Directory

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A Joyful Relationship
Sigrid Welder Cairns

A Joyful Relationship

Learn with me how to:

  • Choose your special partner,
  • Live in a joyful relationship,
  • Enjoy intimacy with your body,
  • Stay happy.

Sigrid has successfully practiced family, child, relationship and sex counselling in many European countries, United States, Thailand and Australia for over 30 years.
Sigrid is available for individual, couple or group counselling and workshops worldwide.

M: 0439 183 856;           
Skype ID: sigrid.welder

Alchemic Healing

Cheryl Davies Psychic Medium Healer Cairns and Brisbane

Intuitive Healing.  Psychic/Medium. Belief Awareness. Self Worth. Grief from Loss. Trauma/Phobias. Teenager Issues. Negative Attachments. Home/Property Clearing.  Workshops & Retreats. Telephone Sessions. Home visits.

For 20 years I have been working as a Psychic/Medium helping people with  belief awareness,  self -worth,  grief from loss, trauma/phobias, teenager issues and negative attachments. With this unique form of healing I work on all levels of the mental, emotional and physical by using a combination of Intuitive and Psychic Abilities, Kinesiology, Shiatsu Massage, NLP, TFT, Belief Systems, DNA, Mediumship.  My aim is to  help people to understand and heal themselves by accessing and understanding blockages from past and present experiences which are creating dis-ease of the body, mind and soul.

Telephone Cheryl Davies 0429 639 633

Astrology is an ancient art which originated thousands of years ago. Based on the position of the planets in the sky (astronomy) and the positional relationship of planets to each other (geometry) and with a dash of alchemy and wisdom you have a very powerful and useful tool which can help you in life. The Astrological birth chart is a map of your life from birth to death, it is the map of the soul's terrestrial or earthly journey. The soul is not separate from the body but sometimes we lose our way and become disconnected from ourselves and our life. There are many schools of astrology and it can be applied in many ways to help mankind's quest for self knowledge and wisdom.
Astrology by Hazel Leung Cairns

Astrology by Hazel - Helping you to make life better
You can use astrology for many things. You can learn about yourself and why things keep happening the way they do. You can use it to improve relationships between all kinds of people, not just your partners. you can use it to increase your wealth, function better in your job and generally find happiness so that you may thrive in life.
If you are interested in the laws of attraction astrology can help you to find out how this works specifically in your life and how you can connect to the abundant source that is all around you. Astrology is good for problem solving, life purpose and connection to your guardian angel too.
Hazel Leung (07) 4031 8181 or 0438 318 180
1 hr consultation $85.00

Body Relationships
Body Relationships Cairns

Naturopathic Massage
Do You Have; Trouble walking, stiff joints, arthritis, back or neck pain, migraines, sciatica ? Naturopathic Massage can help with these ailments and more…

Intuitive Psychotherapy
Stress and illness are so deeply meaningful and purposeful; communicating something to us through our bodies. These challenges hold a meaning and are quite literally, an opportunity to transform, heal and grow. Learn how to cultivate a relationship with your own body, how to develop the different dimensions of your body and to access an inner intelligence to guide your way on.
All sessions; $80.00-hour, Pre-paid Packages; 5Hrs: $75.00 hr/10Hrs: $65.00 hr

Also Available: Waxing/Tinting/Beauty Therapy

The Healing Journal - A Self-Love Project
Creative healing art and journal techniques to transform your relationship with yourself, your body and others by processing emotional reactions where the seed of all actions germinate, and we experience who we are being as a result.
Cairns Spiritual Centre: 194 Spence Street, Cairns, Tuesdays 10am–12noon

Dancing the Sacred - Your Body as your Religion
Healing Dance Meditations; powerful shamanic transformational journeys transitioning through 64 themes to understand & experience your body as living text, reclaim your power & awaken to body consciousness.
2nd Saturday of each month, 8am – 4pm

Phone: 0401 537 215

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Cairns Connect Magazine
cairns connect magazine


"Connect Magazine is the holistic magazine of North Queensland, focusing on health and well-being, spirit, community, environment and the arts. It features local community calendars and a services directory.

So if you're looking for some information and inspiration get your hands on a copy today.
It's available at all good health food stores, groovy cafes, and places people go to chill out".

Connect Magazine’s objectives are:
- To be the best holistic publication
- To publish information and inspiration
- To be an affordable medium
- To remove the barriers that separate us from each other and our true Divine selves 
- To assist in building peaceful communities  

We believe in infinite possibilities
and that there are no limits to what we can achieve.



Caroline Del Vilar Tarot, Clairvoyant Cairns

Clairvoyant Energy Readings -
........For direction into your future.
...... With practical step-by-step guidance on how to move forward with trust and confidence.
...... Providing you with clarity and insight on how to make the right choices for you and the highest good of all.
.......Includes Theta Healing to overcome challenges, heal old beliefs, conditioning which no longer serve you; to transform your identity matrix.
.......What are your current spiritual strengths and lessons? What do you need to learn to fulfil your life’s purpose and what do you need to let go of?
.......Carolyn is a Lightworker, Theta Healing practitioner and Teacher, Alchemic healer, Reiki Master, Tarot reader. She channels your Higher Self to access guidance and insight into your life direction, to inspire, encourage, and assist you to find your highest truth and wisdom.

Carolyn del Villar Telephone 0438 790 641

Crystal Ball Bookstore

Crystal Ball Bookstore New Age and Spiritual, Cairns

Crystal Ball Bookstore, 91 Grafton Street, Cairns
The Crystal Ball Bookstore has been around in Cairns for over 20 years.  It is your one-stop-shop for books on spirituality, meditation & mindfulness, natural health, healing, self-awareness, Reiki – and much more. There is also a huge range of children’s books; over 30 choices in tarot cards; 50+ packs of Angel & Affirmation Cards; guided meditations on CD, music for relaxation, massage and other therapies and an interesting range of DVD’s including Yoga and Tai Chi. In the front window you will notice amazing and unusual crystals and jewellery from all around the world, and a huge range of gifts. 
Every day there is a tarot reader and a natural therapist in the Crystal Ball Healing Centre. 
(See our web site for who is here when) & click Healing Centre on the left hand side.

Cairns Spiritual centre Members discount - 10% off Crystal Purchases over $20.00

Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystal Healings.

Hi, I am Steve Spiritboy and I welcome a call from you. I work with different crystals and minerals to realign your aura, energy centres or chakras. The crystals work on many levels and amplify the healing energy around you. Most people prefer the hour long healing session with soft uplifting music. But extended periods are available or they can be combined with a psychic reading. So come in and relax for an hour long crystal energy healing. See you soon.

Ring now for an appointment -Mob 0418773614 -
Phone and Skype Readings a speciality.

Cairns Spiritual Centre Members discount - $10.00 off normal prices for Personal Readings, Crystal Healings and Workshops.

Emotional Freedom Technique
Deb Sleway EFT and Hypnotherapy Cairns Qld

Hypnosis & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

I can help you do just that!
I’m Deb Selway and I combine traditional counselling methods with hypnotherapy and EFT, to help you overcome such life challenges as:
Anxiety -  Depression - Phobias - Smoking - Bad Habits - Weight Loss - Pain Management… and so much more
I also do Past Life Regressions for those wishing to explore the esoteric depths of the subconscious mind.
I look forward to working with you.
In love and light,
Deb  Mob:  041 7888 243

Emotion Code

Robyn Bauer Emotion Code Cairns

The Emotion Code - Robyn Bauer  - Certified Emotional Code Practitioner.

The Emotion Code can help you, your animals or  loved ones (with their permission)  reclaim your life, enjoy better health, and finally be free from those invisible forces that have been trapped within you all these years.
Additional healing skills in Theta Healing, Reiki 1, Alpha Dynamics & Pendulum  Chakra Balancing.
I Utilise these modalities as guided, through a power greater than oneself , to tap into the subconscious for the answers to release these negative trapped energies. In the same way that the effects of the wind are felt rather than seen, trapped emotions are invisible, yet can exert a powerful influence upon you.
Telephone; 074055 9226 or 0408 886 890


Energy Healing

Annette Williams total energy healing cairns

Total Energy Healing with Annette

Contact :   0439 321 378

Energy healing and Card Reading is a passion with which I use Divine Intuition.

Balancing and Alignment of your energy fields; is derived from a combination of Intuitive, Psychic and Channelled Energies and Modalities: Theta, Hands on Energy Healing Vortex, Munay Ki, Oneness Blessing Giver and Meditation Group Host, Chakra Balancing, Belief Patterns, Guided Meditations for relaxation.
Releasing beliefs and blockages with your emotions, feelings, hurts and pain from your energy field, physical body, soul, ancestors and past lives.

Allow yourself to become the SUNSHINE and LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST. 


Oneness, Cairns


Oneness is the realisation that you are one with all that is. Oneness is also a phenomenon - a gift of grace from the Divine to humanity – an energy that reorganises our neural biological system so that we perceive life more directly without the intervention of the rational, conditioned mind – giving us the ability to effortlessly stay with the 'what is' and to experience each event of sense perception as the blissful experience it was designed to be.

The Oneness energy can be transferred through the Oneness Blessing, as well as through the Oneness Meditation. Anyone can become a Oneness Blessing Giver and transfer the life-transforming Oneness energy to others.

To contact a local Oneness facilitator or Oneness group go to

Heather Lee

Step Into Healing

Specialising in the Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique, a gentle and powerful therapy for releasing trauma or negative memories, I bring to my healing practice a commitment to support each of my clients to self-empowerment and renewal.
Your healing session with me may incorporate any or all of a range of healing modalities to provide a holistic experience entirely tailored to your needs using only 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. There is no typical session – each session is different, and is strongly based on my intuitive guidance as well as my practitioner training to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your treatment.
In addition to being an Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Practitioner, I am a Reiki and Theta Healing Practitioner, an Angel Intuitive, Chakra and Aura Therapist. I have undertaken training courses in Kinesiology, Aromatherapy and the Raindrop Technique, Emotional Intelligence and leadership and counseling and am a certified member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.
Heather Lee
0404 463 787


Holistic Counsellor
Tanya Glade Holistir Counsellor Cairns

Tanya Glade Holistic Counsellor/Complementary Therapist
As a Holistic Counsellor /Complementary Therapist I offer a balanced healing session of counselling and energy balancing in the form of Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy and metaphysical guidance with many applications.
The first counselling session will last one and a half hours as there is a comprehensive set of questions to work through with the client.
A session without counselling is available including aura and chakra balancing with deep meditation/relaxation techniques all with the intention of balancing the client to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual oneness. There is no medical intervention which require a GP or specialist and all sessions are confidential. As the client grows and changes through the process of healing, challenges are met with caring encouragement and support.
Member of IICT and Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association.

Contact details: phone 0437870616 

Peter Merril Holistic Wellness Counsellor

Peter Merrill - Holistic Wellness Counsellor

Peter has explored and studied  a broad field of modalities including EK, Holistic Wellness Counselling, Bio-field Resonance Therapies: Chakra Balancing & tuning and Hand Acupoint treatment and analysis, Chair Yoga, Meditation & Life Mastery Strategies. He is a spiritual commentator through his FB page: Holistic Metaphysics: Ancient Pathways, Sacred Truths & blog Inner Voices. He is also an author with two titles “The Meaning,” and “The Awesome Truth” and is currently working with Far North artist Marc Steiner, to develop a new set of Oracle cards: Mythos. Peter offers practical strategies and energy-field practices in one-on-one consultations and healings, as well as group classes in Shakti Patha Yoga and a six-week certificate level program: The Power of You is.

Contact Peter on 0466 613 496


Sandra Fayers Hypnotherapy
Spiritual Hypnosis / Astrology
Hypnotherapy is a healing technique, that receives both medical and scientific recognition. Since 1994 I have helped 100's of clients remember, rewrite and release memories, that held them back and forced them to repeat patterns. Gaining insight from the acceptance, that every challenge faced added to their core being and humanity.
I believe that the sub-conscious mind is a direct link to our Higher Consciousness, Soul. Hence the term Spiritual Hypnosis. Insights gained under hypnosis are deep and transformative.
Give up Smoking" hypnotherapy sessions also available.
Astrology is another empowering tool. A window into the Soul, a blueprint. Answers many questions, a great timing devise. I'm a passionate, positive Astrologer having started my studies over 40 years ago. Make an appointment!
Sandra Fayers Dip.Clinical Hypno. Phone: 40552820 or 0428471066



Tara Clarke

Tara. J. Clarke  - Palm Cove, Cairns Hypnotherapy
Regression Therapy, Past Lives, Spirit World
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing, EFT
Dip. Clinical Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, Meditation Mindfulness use code 'Spiritual' for 20% off sessions (Owner/Creator) of Zen Gifts Store, use code ‘CSC’ for 10% off merchandise
Intuitive Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, I have had a kundalini awakening which pushed me into working with spirit. I find your negative, emotional, psychological blocks, limiting beliefs, and using the power of the subconscious mind (higher self) in Theta brainwave state, we learn the ‘why’ of your issues, in order to release them. Find answers to questions concerning your health, relationships, love, finances, past lives, life lessons and soul purpose. You must be open, trust, believe and be prepared for the unexpected, Give me a call on 0481 33 6666 or email:  and start moving forward on your path now.

Sharon Roulston

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®)

If you are at a crossroad QHHT ® can provide answers to all your questions
Helping others is my passion.  My work comes to you from the heart space, to serve your highest good. 
Design your Quantum Healing Session: Each session is uniquely structured to suit the individual incorporating the following: 

  • Finding answers to your questions e.g. life purpose, career, relationships
  • Higher Self, healing of known ailments
  • Higher Self full body scan, to locate unknown ailments
  • Connecting with deceased loved ones and pets
  • Obtaining your Higher Self feeling
  • Surrogate healing
  • Forgiveness exercises 
  • Healing Meditation
  • Family soul lessons
  • Chakra Balance
  • Discover your Spiritual Gifts
  • Contact Spirit Guides

Allow between 4 to 6 hours for your session.

Life Balance Coaching

Work Life Love Balance and Money to with Hazel Leung in Cairns but she works worldwide

Something not quite right in your life ?

The solution may be something completely unexpected

............ and it may be simpler than you think. 
Whether you want more time, more money or something completely different then it might be time to seek new solutions to old problems. The journey will begin with personalised self-knowledge.  You may think "I know myself" and this is true at conscious levels.  It is the deeper more unconscious levels that need tweaking so that a new outer life can begin.
You tell me what you want to achieve, I check astrology to find out what causes any limitations. You will learn the reasons why things happen in your life and when you do you are in a position to change the outcome forever.
email me
Hazel Leung telephone: 0438 318180

Meditation in Cairns Transcend in Meditaton with Hazel

Transcend in Meditation- Creating Bliss - Always

Do you have trouble clearing your mind so that you can relax? Transcend in Meditation makes it easy.
As the name implies, as you meditate you transcend or rise above mundane matters to a higher version of yourself where all things are possible. When you transcend all the chatter, the minor details of life are still there, however, you can deal with things as and when required and not feel overwhelmed or pulled off centre by anything.
Transcend in Meditation opens the 7th Chakra, the gateway to Spirit
If you learn and practice Transcend in Meditation you will have the edge over competition. You will be more relaxed all day every day as well as more efficient.
Meditation for Groups and Individuals
Telephone Hazel on (07) 4031 8181 or 0438318180


Malcolm Bell, Medium Cairns

Malcolm Bell

Malcolm is North Queensland’s most respected direct voice medium who regularly channels messages from his Guide Aranuth, as well as various Ascended Masters and Great Beings of Love and Light.

He is a Past Life / Personal Pathway reader, and a compassionate, sensitive, and experienced psychic healer of over thirty years experience. Malcolm performs Past Life / Personal Pathway readings on a regular schedule at the Cairns Spiritual Centre; the Health, Healing, and Harmony shop Rankin St. Innisfail, and at his home in Atherton.

Past Life / Personal Pathway Readings, massage treatments, and healings by appointment only. Malcolm is now doing energy clearings on homes and buildings also by appointment

Contact Malcolm:  Mob 0427 636 842

Mindfulness Meditation

Julie Heskins Rainforest Reiki Cairns

Julie Heskins Rainforest Reiki

Mindfulness Meditation Courses with Julie Heskins
at Cairns Spiritual Centre 

Regular Meditation has many benefits.  This 4 week Course is designed for beginners as well as more experienced meditators.  Each week we will be practicing a variety of simple meditations which you will be encouraged to practice at home.  Notes are provided.  Julie also offers private meditation classes for individuals & groups at Rainforest Reiki, Bayview Heights, Cairns.

Please see the main page of website for current course dates or visit
For more information please contact Julie: Tel: 0438 537365
Julie Kay Psychic Medium

Julie Kay International Psychic Medium, Healer, Teacher and Author

As a spiritual channel my strengths are spiritual profiling, psychic prediction and afterlife spirit communication. My soul purpose is to bring comfort and guidance and to assist those in need via personal appointments, workshops and my books.

I have over 16 years’ experience as a professional reader and welcome you to visit my website

I will be in Cairns twice a year for personal appointments.

You can also contact me via email
or phone me on 0418813109.

Heavenly Ownls psychic, medium, eastern philosophy, clairvoyant cairns Suzie Q

Heavenly Owls - Suzie Q  Buddhist Tarot Readings, Mediumship and Reiki
Suzie Q has been a Professional Psychic since 2013. To help guide you and to look into your past, present and future, Suzie Q does Buddhist Tarot readings working from the Eastern perspective providing guidance and direction to help you find your true path in life. She also uses Chinese philosophy and Chinese traditional methods, including Kau Chim and Toa Stones.
With 5 of the 6 psychic senses including medium-ship, Suzie Q is mainly known for her accuracy with pregnancies, finance and her ability to connect with spirit through clairaudience and clairvoyant skills. Reiki, House blessings and house clearings/investigations available
Internationally recognized International Psychics Association of Australia member Since 2013.
Bookings available online at   
Facebook: @Heavenlyowls  

Psychic Tarot Reader
Steve Parker SPiritboy Cairns tarot and Crystals and psychic

Psychic Readings
Hi, I am Steve Spiritboy and I welcome a call from you. My psychic skills are put to use in your hour long tarot session which include a comprehensive look at your numerology and star sign. This includes a detailed personal sheet for you to take home and study in the privacy of your own home. During the full tarot reading we can look at any aspects of your life you are not happy with. We can also go into great detail with your present life if needed to help guide your spirit on its journey. As an empath I sometime can get messages from loved ones for you.  I work with guidance, counselling and love and light and to enrich or clarify your life.
Ring now for an appointment -Mob 0418773614 -
Phone and Skype Readings a speciality.

Cairns Spiritual Centre Members discount - $10.00 off normal prices for Personal Readings, Crystal Healings and Workshops.



Rei - Universal
Ki - Energy/Life Force 

Reiki is a holistic healing which channels energy from the universal life force. This energy consists of pure unconditional love. When facilitating this loving energy, a state of peace and harmony is created within-the mind, body and spirit. Reiki stimulates the body's healing chemistry, it removes negativity and blockages held in the body. Once stimulated, it raises the vibration of your energy field, allowing it to flow in a natural way, promoting health and well being. Reiki is beneficial to man, plant, or beast. Open your heart to peace, love and harmony; allow Reiki to light your path.    

Connie Cook Reiki Master and energy healing Cairns
Hello, my name is Connie Cook
I have been doing holistic healings since 2004.
I am a Reiki Master and Teacher who is intuitively guided through feelings and sensations. This energy allows the body to release trapped emotions and physical blockages by vibrational movements.
My treatments are nurturing and non-invasive, a deep sense of love and guidance from heaven above, while balancing the body and cleansing the Aur
I am also a "Chakra Balance Massage" practitioner for Aura Soma - healing through colour and fragrance. I hold regular "Oneness Blessing Meditations" which facilitates the Divine Essence of the Supreme Light of Love.
Telephone 0400 732 330


Julie Heskins Rainforest Reiki Cairns

Reiki Courses, Reiki Holidays & Reiki Treatments with Julie Heskins, Rainforest Reiki

Julie has been teaching Traditional Japanese Reiki or Usui Reiki Ryoho for 7 years.  She has also completed Reiki Master training in Usui Shiki Ryoho & Komyo Reiki Kai.   She continues her studies with Frans Steine, International House of Reiki  (author of 'The Japanese Art of Reiki' & 'The Inner Heart of Reiki: Rediscovering Your True Self').  Learning reiki Is a journey is self discovery.  You will learn many tools to heal yourself & also work with others.
Reiki 1, Reiki 2 & Reiki 3/Teacher levels are taught from Rainforest Reiki.  Julie also offers Reiki Holidays with accommodation packages for those wanting to study or receive treatments and stay for a few days or longer.  Courses are small and personalised.
Reiki treatments are available in the unique rainforest environment. Or you may prefer a distant reiki treatment.  Reiki treatments are also available for pets.
See Mindfulness Meditation Section for Classes & Courses.
For more information please contact Julie:
Tel: 0438 537365

Shamanic Medicine
Misha Hoo Shamaness cairns

Shamanic Medicine is an extremely powerful, safe and accessible healing technique which takes us straight to the root cause of unrest and heals at the deepest levels. Shamanic Medicine Sessions include Soul Retrieval, Past Lives, Entity Clearance, Spirit Guides and Power Animal Journeys.

Soul Weaving is my own system of energy healing developed over several years of hands-on experience.  Soul Weaving works multi-dimensionally - clearing blockages, healing separation and bringing in new light and information. 

I am also offering classes in Shamanic Practices, Drum & Rattle Making workshops and an annual Amazon Expedition to Peru.

Mob: 0457 253573


Spiritual Church
Lighthouse Ministeries SPiritual Church Cairns

Cairns Lighthouse Spiritual Church

Our aim in the church is to support those who have lost loved ones and to bring the teachings from the Spirit world so you may find peace.

We endeavor to inspire others to find peace and happiness in the knowledge that there is no death only a more Spiritual plane of existence.

The purpose of travelling the spiritual path is to give you the tools to walk through your life a more balanced and peaceful way. Our mission in this lifetime is to be able to remain calm no matter the circumstance.

Service held every Sunday 1-3pm

CWA Hall Yarrum St Earlville

Afternoon Tea provided

Join us while we take you through a calm meditation, then raise the vibration in the room with a few songs just to let the other side know we are here and are ready to receive our messages. Messages from the other side will be delivered each week to validate the special people from our life who have left us, they really are close by watching over us.

For more information please phone Helen 0434293324 or Heather 0459354980 or

Facebook: Cairns Lighthouse Spiritual Church


Subconscious Ascension
Erica Subsconscious Ascension cairns

Subconscious Ascension is an extremely powerful energy healing treatment, which has the potential to create huge changes in your life, raises your level of consciousness, re-files unpleasant memories (without forgetting anything), allows you to attract things into your life more quickly and easily, has a calming effect on the body/mind system, and, best of all, you don’t have to talk about anything. Conditioning from childhood, and life experiences from the past, may contribute to creating unfavourable patterns of behaviour, which continue to repeat themselves, until dealt with.
The Subconscious Ascension session is approximately 3 hours duration, and attendees need to bring a mattress, pillow, blanket and drink/water bottle.

For further information, contact Erica West: (07) 40977609

Tarot Readings

You can attend basic Tarot classes and tarot practice at the Cairns Spiritual Centre. If you sign up for the weekly what's on you will be advised of all centre events. see info at the bottom of this page.

More in depth classes are conducted by
Steve Parker

and also Carolyn Del Villar

The Spirit Doctor
Daniel Houtman, The Spirit Doctor Cairns

Dr Daniel Houtman, OMD The Spirit Doctor

For over 40 years I have been helping people world wide deal with their health and personal problems; travelling to such places as Africa, China, Japan, Canada, Central America, Indonesia, the Caribbean, USA and Australia meeting with, and working with, people of like minds.

I have coupled my spiritual learnings with academic learnings. I have a Masters degree in Counselling and I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. I use energy or Qi to HELP change the lives of those in need of assistance.

The Heart Energy Love Pulse is the Healing Energy used in this process.

To make an appointment or for further information
please contact me on 0439 891109 or
Visit my website

The Wish®

Lorrain Stewart The Wish

The Wish® Is an exciting new energy game that helps turn your wishes into reality! What would you like to Wish for:  Career, Relationship, Financial Abundance, Health, Physical Fitness, Travel & Freedom, House, Car or Spiritual Awareness?  
The Wish® cards help you to clear blocks and negative beliefs standing in the way of your wish  And help you to create positive new thoughts and energy patterns aligned with your wish so your wishes can and do come true
Cost for a group$20pp (min 4) or  personal game $50 of the THE WISH®
Spiritual Connective Healing;  Lorraine incorporates all her modalities as “Spiritual Connective Healing” for personal healings call to book your session no matter what you are looking for, we will find the higher energies to help you heal - REMEMBER YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF  PERSONAL HEALING $50 per session
Phone Lorraine;  0402 791 661 Mention the Cairns Spiritual Centre for the special prices

Uniforms for Health Practitioners and Super Yatch Crew
______________________________________________________________________ ___________________10 knots
uniforms super yatch crew and health practitioners cairnsuniforms super yatch crew and health practitioners cairns


Uniforms for Health Practitioners & Super Yacht Crew

Our uniforms provide a fresh, unique style focussing on
performance based design and fabrics.

Quality that Simply makes you feel good!

Easily purchased online, direct and at expos, delivered worldwide.

Ethically designed and manufactured in Australia.
Telephone: +61 (0) 487 101 001

To list your business on this page contact 0421 553 118 or Email

Cost of advertising is only $60.00 for the first listing for the year (just $5.00 per month) Listing includes a business card or image and, about 120 words of promotion and a link to your website. A second listing is just $30.00

Tasham by Marian Ruffin


Tasham is a Spirit Guide who is one of the Cairns Spiritual Centre’s guides.

He is a wonderful looking Asian or Tibetan monk in saffron robes. Tasham is only one of the Centre’s guides, helping with the overall development of the Group, the setting of conditions for sitting together, the arranging and rearranging of format if necessary and the outlining of material coming through the Group.

Here are the meanings of the superb colours around him:

The Gold means you are all old souls – you have keen intellects and you like to keep learning.

Yellow is often described as a mental activity colour and in this case we can apply it to learning and wisdom.

Read More......

Cairns Spiritual Centre is not affiliated with any particular religion, it is a centre dedicated to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being of people from all walks of life. The centre is open on Wednesday mornings 9 am to 12.30 pm and Saturday 10 am to 2 pm where healings and readings take place for those who wish to participate. People who are willing to volunteer their services and time for healings or readings are always welcome. Be kind to yourself, come along and enjoy good company in a relaxing atmosphere. Have a healing or reading or just a cuppa and a chat. There are cards and runes on the coffee table so you can give yourself a quick reading and we have a library too. Our premises are for hire for seminars, workshops and discussions for small groups and we have individual healing and reading rooms for hire at reasonable rates too.

We Have
An extensive Library of spiritual and personal development books (for members only, membership only $10.00 a year)
A DVD Library. DVD Hire $5.00 members only
A monthly Newletter: You can read it on the web page or have it delivered to your email address by adding yourself to our email list below
An Email Mail List: Get emails of coming events sent directly to you - Click here to be added to this list

Healers and Readers and Products and Services Directory see Links in Navigation Bar (only $60.00 per year)

Advertising, promotion and Venue Hire
You can Promote your Business in our directories which then entitles you to promote your business and events via the Email List
You can hire our premises for your event and receive free web and email promotion (see premises for hire link on navigation bar above)

Volunteers always welcome
Volunteer Tarot readers and healers for Wednesdays 9.00 am to 12.30 pm
and Saturday afternoon 10 am- 2 pm
If you would like to practice your skills and spend time with like minded people we would welcome your contribution.
Don't be Shy - come and join us
- see our current Volunteers on the link in the navigation bar above

Membership $10.00 Per year (The Cairns Spiritual Centre Inc is covered by $20,000,000.00 Liability Insurance
Pay at the Cairns Spiritual Centre Inc. on Wednesdays or Saturdays. 1/194 Spence Street, Bungalow. Wed 9.00 am to 12.30 pm Sat 10 am to 2 pm
Please read the Centre's Philosophy and Objectives before clicking here to print Membership Form for mail Or Join on Line

Public Liability The Cairns Spiritual centre Inc is covered by $20,000,000.00 Public Liability Insurance

Telephone 0421 553 118