Reiki and Energy Healings

Tarot Card Readings


Sai Vibrionics


Wednesdays - 9 am - 12.30 pm
$5.00 Entry includes: Meditation 9.30 to 10 am, Tea and Coffee
Healings and Readings $15.00
(approx. half an hour)


cairns spiritual centre inc. serving the community since 1987

Volunteers Always Welcome

Shamanic Circle

Healing Touch



...... and more

Saturday 10 am - 2 pm
entry includes: Meditation from 12 to 12.30pm, Tea or Coffee
Healings and Readings $15.00
(approx. half an hour

Telephone: 0421 553 118

1/194 Spence Street, Cairns (between Aumuller and Buchan Streets)
Premises and Rooms for Hire on a Permanent or Casual Basis
cairns spiritual centre

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Cairns Spiritual Centre

Regular Events at The Cairns Spiritual Centre Inc.
1/194 Spence Street, Bungalow
Between Aumuller and Buchan Streets

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We're coming up to that time of year when the current

Committee stands down and a new Committee will be elected.

All positions are available - President, Vice President,

Treasurer, Secretary and Committee Members.

Contribution and Service are part of everyone's

spiritual growth and what better way to practice this

than being on the Committee.

We would love to hear from anyone who would like to be part

of the group steering the Centre through the next year.

Monday's 8am to 6pm by appointment only

Anchored Light Healing with Cassandra - Healer and Light Worker

Having recently moved to Cairns, Cassandra is excited to offer her healing services to the far north. With over 20 years experience in healing and light work, Cassandra has trained in the areas of Reiki, Ki Force, Crystalline Skeleton and more recently MTVSS (Access Consciousness).

Using a combination of these techniques, Cassandra intuitively guides the session to ensure the clients optimum healing takes place, allowing a space for innate healing to occur.

With a deep love for humanity and a natural desire to help and heal others, a session with Cassandra will assist in deepening your connection to source and boosting your general wellbeing.  

To book a session please phone 0407 717 532 or email

Healing Sessions - $65 per hour (By appointment only)

Tuesday's - 8am - 5pm (by appointment only)

Psychic Intuitive readings with Steve Spiritboy.

Looking for answers or direction to start the New Year. I can help. Full 1 hour Readings with take home numerology chart only $80. Bookings essential on 0418 773 614.
Crystal Energy healings with Steve. Top up your energy and relax in peaceful surroundings. A great way to heal and take out the stress. I use my intuition to tune and help with your body recharge.
Full 1 hour Energy healings only $80.
Bookings essential on 0418 773 614.  

Combined Healings and readings available on request minimum 1.5 Hrs to 2 Hours.

Tuesdays 8am to 5pm

Energy Healing and Tarot Readings with Bruce Sexton

Bruce specialises in the healing modalities of Reiki and Pranic Healing, and is passionate about assisting his clients to balance, harmonise and transform their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Reiki is a Japanese therapy, where the therapist channels spiritually guided life force energy into the client by means of touch, to activate the healing process within.  

Pranic Healing involves the channelling of prana, ki or life force energy into the client’s etheric body – the aura, chakras and meridians.  As a no-touch energy healing modality, the focus of Pranic Healing is on cleansing and energising the clients etheric body, which is a template for the physical body.

Clients may make a choice around the healing modality used, or Bruce can be intuitively guided as to which is preferred in the circumstances.

Tarot with numerology readings are also available.

Sessions are $75 per hour and are by appointment only please,
with other days available by arrangement.
Please text 0419 686 312 or
with your name, contact details and preferred
day/time to arrange a healing and/or a tarot session.

Tuesday 12th September, 2017 (second Tuesday of month) - 6.30pm start:

Please be early as doors close at 6.30pm

Women's EFT Tapping Circle with Deb Selway

We are a dynamic group of Spirited Women, tapping away our cares and woes together in a supportive safe and spirited tapping Circle.  

You Don't Have to Know How to Tap to Join In - We will teach you quickly and easily! 

This tapping circle is designed to be dynamic, sacred and therapeutic. We will be tapping on generic issues like anxiety and phobias, plus any other issues the women feel they may like to work on. The tapping circle is a collaborative, safe and respectful environment where we can tap for ourselves as we tap for others, using the EFT process of 'borrowing benefits'.

Run by Deb Selway, PhD,  Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & EFT practitioner.  Deb has been personally tapping for years and uses EFT as a valuable tool in counselling sessions.  She is an Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner (AAMET) and has a Master of Guidance and Counselling .

Numbers are limited to 15 women and you do need to book.

To book your place contact Deb on Mob: 041 7888 243;

Tuesday 15th August 2017 - 6.30 to 8.30pm:

Cairns Shamanic Circle

We established in April 2015 to provide the people of Cairns area a safe place to learn about core shamanic work based on our Northern European/Siberian lineage. We are drug and hallucinogenic free.

Journey  -  Analysis  -  Integration

Our guide is Mother Sha-Riah who is just one of the hundreds of medicine women from our lineage. She lived as a shaman in Siberia, and Caroline channels her for discussion, guided journeys, journey analysis and lectures. The Ancestral Medicine Women are an ancient lineage of authentic, energetic, herbal, shamanic and elemental healers.

"The long goal of the circle is to create a group of men and women who can buoy the change that is about to come"

Donation: $10-00 for Centre members; $15.00 for non members..

For more information contact: Brad 0401 155 484 or Caroline 0431 415 009

We are also holding a circle on the 4th Sunday of each month, 10am - 12-30pm. Donation $10-00 to centre.  After the circle on Sundays we will be offering shamanic healing sessions from 1pm - 5pm.  The healing sessions run for approximately 45 minutes and cost $35.00.

The Cairns Shamanic Practice offers healing performed in the place between the spirit and physical worlds. This could include:

- Sound healing
- Journeying or surrogated / support journeying
- Channeled healing by Mother Sha-Riah
- Energy transmission and clearing
- Drumming/Chanting

For more information contact: Brad 0401 155 484 or Caroline 0431 415 009

Tuesday 22nd August  6.30pm to 8pm (4th Tuesday of each month)
Bruce offers Twin Hearts Meditation

Of all the techniques developed and taught by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (the Founder of Pranic Healing) the Meditation on Twin Hearts prompts many glowing testimonials of personal healing and positive life transformation.

This meditation is truly special. It works on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels to open the heart chakra (the physical heart) and the crown chakra (the spiritual heart), thereby enabling you to draw down a great amount of high-quality divine energy into the crown. The prana that this meditation produces greatly promotes physical and mental health as well as inner illumination.
Offered fourth Tuesday of each month.

Cost: $5 donation to the Centre

Wednesday Mornings

Cairns Spiritual Centre Open 9am to 12.30 pm Proceeds benefit the Cairns Spiritual Centre

Wednesday $5.00 Entry includes:
Meditation 9.30 to 10 am, Tea and Coffee, browse the library
Healings and Readings are $15.00, concessions $10.00 (approximately half an hour)

Reiki/Energy Healing
Tarot, Angel Cards
Sai Vibronics

See details of our Centre Volunteers here

Telephone: 0421 553 118 for more information

If you hire The Cairns Spiritual Centre you will receive free promotion on this page.

We have vacancies during the Week and Weekend,

Half day ( 8am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm)  $40, Full day 8am to 6pm  $70, Evening from 6.30pm $30

Casual $15.00 per hour - perfect for seeing individual clients

Telephone: 0421 553 118 to Book

Alternate Wednesdays - 23rd August 2017 12.45pm to 3pm (alternate Wednesdays)

A Course in Miracles Study Group meets.

As a group, we read the text, discuss the lessons, watch DVD's based on the Course and talk about how the Course relates to life's situations.

Anyone interested in this work is welcome to come along.
$5 non members; $2 members.

If you would like any more information then please contact Dot on 0401 930034 or email the Centre at


The Cairns Spiritual Centre is now available on Thursdays during the day.

If you hire the centre to run your group

or event or even if you see clients individually you will receive free promotion on this page.

We have other vacancies during the Week and Weekend,

Half day ( 8am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm)  $40, Full day 8am to 6pm  $70, Evening from 6.30pm $30

Casual $15.00 per hour - perfect for seeing individual clients

Telephone: 0421 553 118 to Book

Thursday Evening

6.30pm to 9pm Cairns Spiritual Centre Mentoring Group meets.

24 August - Alchemic Healing with Cheryl Davies. For over 20 years Cheryl has been working as a Psychic Medium helping people with their beliefs, self-worth, grief from loss, trauma/phobias, teenager issues and negative attachments. Alchemic Healing is Cheryl's own unique healing technique. With this unique form of healing Cheryl works on all levels of the mental, emotional and physical by using a combination of Intuitive and Psychic Abilities, Kinesiology, Shiatsu Massage, NLP, TFT, Belief Systems, DNA and Mediumship. Cheryl's aim is to help people to understand and heal themselves by accessing and understanding blockages from past and present experiences which are creating disease of the body, mind and soul. Whether you are looking to connect with a loved one who has passed, whether you need assistance to heal and move forward with your life, or if you feel that there is negative energy surrounding you, Cheryl can help you to move forward and make positive changes that will change your life for the better. Tonight Cheryl will talk about her work and will also be doing some mini healings and will use her psychic and mediumship skills to answer some questions.

All welcome.

$8.00 or $5.00 for members. You can join on the night. Bring a notebook and pen

We are always looking for suggestions for topics to run on mentoring night as well as people who would like to run an evening to share their skills with others

For more information call: 0421 553 118


Hire The Cairns Spiritual Centre and receive free promotion on this page.

We have vacancies during the Week and Weekend,

Half day ( 8am to 1pm or 1pm to 6pm)  $40, Full day 8am to 6pm  $70, Evening from 6.30pm $30

Casual $15.00 per hour

Telephone: 0421 553 118 to Book

Friday - 10am to 3 pm by appointment (other times and days on request)

Astrology, Personality Integration and Soul Recovery

Astrology is a powerful tool to help you to grow mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The birth chart is a map of your life from birth to death. It also shows what you bring with you into this life and what lessons you need to learn before your soul moves on. Astrology does not just tell you about yourself, it provides the reasons and solutions to life issues as well. Astrology brings self knowledge which brings wisdom if you  choose to use it. Astrology is my tool to teach you about yourself and why you do what you do.  

I then use healing methods to integrate survival personalities developed as a result of negative life experiences and to recover the lost part of your soul so that you become whole again. With my help and help from above you are doing the healing and releasing which makes it more of a permanent solution rather than a quick fix.  For this reason it is good for overcoming addictions such as smoking as well as for healing the emotional, mental and spiritual issues which are causing the addiction or behaviour in life.

Astrology can help with life in general, finances, love, career, business, interpersonal relationships and life direction. If you want to know what is ahead for you or need some clarity on what is happening now Astrology can help

Please note the following details are needed
Time of birth
Date of Birth
Place of Birth

Testimonial: I have been an avid student of astrology for over fifteen years. During this time, I have read and spoken with many astrologers throughout the world. Hazel is amazing. Her technical knowledge using medieval techniques is surpassed only by her intuition and ability to predict future events like no one else. Hazel has given me accurate insight into people well known to me that has exceeded all that I knew of them. Her work is highly professional with amazing accuracy. Lisa from New Jersey

$85.00 per hour - Bookings essential

Hazel Leung
Telephone: 0438 318 180

Friday's  9am to 5pm by appointment only

Peter Merrill

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

Peter offers:

  • Tools for positive, powerful change
  • Bio-Field Resonance Therapies
  • Challenging Life Transitions
  • Personality Profiling
  • Meditation
To book an appointment contact Peter on:
0466 613 496

Friday evening - 18, 25 Aug, 1 & 8 Sep - 6 to 7 pm


Saturday afternoon - 19, 26 Aug, 2 & 9 Sep - 2.30 to 3.30pm

Transcend in Meditation courses with Hazel Leung

Do you have trouble clearing your mind so that you can relax? Transcend in Meditation makes it easy.
As the name implies, as you meditate you transcend or rise above mundane matters to a higher version of yourself where all things are possible. When you transcend all the chatter, the minor details of life are still there, however, you can deal with things as and when required and not feel overwhelmed or pulled off centre by anything.

Transcend in Meditation opens the 7th Chakra, the gateway to Spirit

If you learn and practice Transcend in Meditation you will have the edge over competition. You will be more relaxed all day every day as well as more efficient. Seriously, in today's world you need meditation. It makes you feel good so what is the problem?  You know you are stressed and need to do something. 15 minutes, twice a day can change your life?

Change your life - Now!

4 week courses at Cairns Spiritual Centre, please book

Friday 18, 25 Aug, 1 & 8 Sep - 6 to 7 pm - $160.00
Saturday 19, 26 Aug, 2 & 9 Sep 2.30to 3.30pm $160.00

Hazel Leung- Telephone 0438 318 180
e: or

Testimonial: I am so glad I did the Transcend in Meditation Course with Hazel, it is amazing. Although I have practiced other types of meditation the effects of this meditation are quite dramatic and I began to experience the effects from day one. After eight weeks I felt stronger, more centred and confident. Old issues I had carried around for years began to rise to the surface but with a sense that they were releasing and healing. Each week I got lighter and lighter and felt happier too. I look forward to meditation now because it is changing my life for the better. The best part is the whole process has been easy, apart from meditating I didn’t have to do a thing to find the inner me. Dianne in Cairns


The Cairns Spirtual Centre is Open 10 am- 2 pm. Proceeds benefit the Cairns Spiritual Centre Inc.

From 10am til 11am we will be practicing psychometry. Please bring along a personal item - metal jewellery works really well as it holds energy. We will all have a go at reading the energy of a
particular item using our intuition. If you wish to participate please arrive promptly at 10am.

$5.00 entry includes: Meditation from 12 to 12.30pm, Tea or Coffee and a chat
Healings and Readings are $15.00, concessions $10.00 (approximately half an hour)

Reiki/Energy Healing
Pranic Healing
Chakra Balancing
Sai Vibronics

Tea Leaf Readings with Coralie
Every 3rd Saturday one of our therapists, Robyn Bauer will be at the Centre from 1pm to 2pm and she is a Certified Emotional Code Practitioner.

See details of our Centre volunteers here

For more information call: 0421 553 118

Sunday     9am to 5pm by appointment only


Booking essential

$75 per treatment or $50 for half hour

I will be channelling and working with the universal-life-force energy, to support your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being, to bring you clarity and balance. It is especially effective with Soul Healing, often the hidden source of discomfort, illness and unhappiness.

Cost per treatment: $75.00 or $50 for half hour
For bookings and enquiries ring now - 0416 023 444 -
or contact by email:

Sunday 27 August 2017 - Cairns Shamanic Circle - 4th Sunday of every month 10am to 12.30pm

Donation to centre - $10.00 members, $15.00 non members


Shamanic healing Sessions 1pm to 4pm 

After the circle on Sundays we will be offering shamanic healing sessions from 1pm - 5pm. The healing sessions run for approximately 45 minutes and cost $35.00.

The Cairns Shamanic Practice offers healing performed in the place between the spirit and physical worlds. This could include:

- Sound healing
- Journeying or surrogated / support journeying
- Channeled healing by Mother Sha-Riah
- Energy transmission and clearing
- Drumming/Chanting

For more information contact:

Brad 0401 155 484 or Caroline 0431 415 009

Tasham by Marian Ruffin


Tasham is one of the Cairns Spiritual Centre’s guides. He was channeled by Marian Ruffin (Dec'd)

He is a wonderful looking Asian or Tibetan monk in saffron robes. Tasham is only one of the Centre’s guides, helping with the overall development of the Group, the setting of conditions for sitting together, the arranging and rearranging of format if necessary and the outlining of material coming through the Group.

Here are the meanings of the superb colours around him:

The Gold means you are all old souls – you have keen intellects and you like to keep learning.

Yellow is often described as a mental activity colour and in this case we can apply it to learning and wisdom.

Read More......


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Cairns Spiritual Centre Volunteers and members at the Palm Cove Mind Body Soul Festival Trish Dempsey, Robert King, Pam and Dot Cairns Spiritual and Healing Centre Mission Beach bus trip

Telephone 0421 553 118

The Cairns Spiritual Centre Committee

Steve Cairns

Dot Sweeting

Joe Patane
Steve Parker
Dot Sweeting
Joe Patane
Vice President
Treasurer: Nicole Spencer
Pam Burns (Social Secretary and Laundry Queen) ,
,Bruce Sexton, Robert King

Cairns Spiritual Centre Inc. is not affiliated with any particular religion, it is a centre dedicated to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being of people from all walks of life. The centre is open on Wednesday 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and Saturday 10.00 am to 2.00 pm where healings and readings take place for those who wish to participate. People who are willing to volunteer their services and time for healings or readings are always welcome. Be kind to yourself, come along and enjoy good company in a relaxing atmosphere. Have a healing or reading or just a cuppa and a chat. There are cards and runes on the coffee table so you can give yourself a quick reading and we have a library too. Our premises are for hire for seminars, workshops and discussions for small groups and we have individual healing and reading rooms for hire at reasonable rates too.

We Have
An extensive Library of spiritual and personal development books (for members only, membership only $10.00 a year)
A DVD Library for members. DVD's are $5.00 to hire
A monthly Newletter: You can read it on the web page or have it delivered to your email address by adding yourself to our email list below
An Email Mail List: Get emails of coming events sent directly to you - Click here to be added to this list
Healers and Readers, Health Practitioners and Products Directory see Links in Navigation Bar (only $60.00 per year to advertise)

Advertising, promotion and Venue Hire
You can Promote your Business in our directories which then entitles you to promote your business and events via the Email List
You can hire our premises for your event and receive free web and email promotion (see premises for hire link on navigation bar above)

Volunteers always welcome
Volunteer Tarot readers and healers for Wednesdays 9.00 am to 12.30 pm
and Saturdays 10 am to 2 pm
If you would like to practice your skills and spend time with like minded people we would welcome your contribution.
Don't be Shy - come and join us
- see our current Volunteers on the link in the navigation bar above
We have mentoring nights on Thursday evenings 6.30 to 9 pm. If you would like to run one of these evenings and share your skills you would be most welcome.

Membership $10.00 Per year (The Cairns Spiritual Centre Inc is covered by $20,000,000.00 Liability Insurance
Pay at the Cairns Spiritual Centre Inc. on Wednesdays or Saturdays. 1/194 Spence Street, Bungalow. Wed 9.00 am to 12.30 pm Sat 10 am to 2 pm. Please read the Centre's Philosophy and Objectives before clicking here to print Membership Form for mail Or Join on Line

Public Liability The Cairns Spiritual centre Inc is covered by $20,000,000.00 Public Liability Insurance

Feedback Form
Would you like to tell us about your experience in the Centre?  We are eager to receive your feedback so that we can improve facilities or correct things that might sometimes lead to a not so pleasant experience.   All personal information will remain confidential.
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Telephone 0421 553 118


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